This year, the typically french event will be on the theme « Constellations ».

This year, the Nuit Blanche will takes place on Saturday October 6th 2018.

The event takes place in some places never investied by La Nuit Blanche since its creation.

This event takes place every year since 2002 every first Saturday of October.

The Parisian event extend all over the world: From Brussels to Kyoto, from Melbourne to Taipei and this year for the first time in Houston.

All artistic disciplines are represent through visual arts, dance, theater or music.

The event will extend in all Paris, there it’s is the four parisian’s courses:

  • Constellation of Invalides–> Musée des Armées, Palais de la Découverte, Champs Elysées.
  • Constellation of Ile Saint Louis –> Hôtel de Ville, Cité des Arts, Les Halles
  • Constellation of La Villette –> Ensemble du Parc de la Villette mais aussi La Philharmonie, La Cité des Sciences
  • Constellation ok la Porte Dorée –> Lac Daumesnil et le Parc Zoologique de Paris


For further informations, go on the website.