EASTER 2019 !

Easter is just around the corner and this year it is Sunday, April 21st.

For the occasion, we offer a selection of great Parisian chocolatiers that offers you exceptional products:

– Christophe Michalak created 4 different eggs, bells and animals like the chicken or the fish

– The House of Chocolate offers 3 eggs available in different ways: Brazil Masked, Ghana Masked, Java Masked

– Nicolas Bernardé declines the animals of the African savannah: The Crocodile, The Flamingo, The Giraffe, The Cheetah, The Springbok

– Pierre Marcolini offers a new theme “Pretty Hearts” declined in the form of Rabbits, and Eggs

– Pierre Hermé offers succulent eggs, rabbits and chickens

– Hugo & Victor will give you eggs, fish, rabbits, chickens and surprise pouches

– Patrick Roger offers a real bestiary for the occasion.

For further informations, some websites to visits: quelques sites à visiter: