The Louvre museum and the city of Milan are joining forces to offer you an exhibition around 150 sculptures from the beginning of the 16th century to the height of the Renaissance.

The representation of the human figure in it’s diversity will be shoxn to you through its most famous sculptors from the time of Donatello up to Michelangelo..

The representation of the human figure in the diversqity of its movments then takes extremly innovative forms. This research on expression and feelings is at the heart of the efforts of the greatest sculptors of the period, from Donatello to one of the most famous creators in history, Michelangelo, but also the possibility of discovering unknown artists due to their place of conservation (churches, small towns, museums).

An exhibition, to discover from Octobre 22nd 2020 until January 18th 2021.

Bookings and informations: Louvre Museum Website.